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Oct 2, 2014
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30 Bar Recipe:
Olive Oil = 65.04 oz 60%
Coconut Oil =21.68 oz 20%
Palm Kernel Oil Flakes = 21.68 oz 20%

Lye Discount of 5%

Lye = 14.95 oz

Goat Milk = 31.81 oz

Now this recipe has worked perfect for many many batches. It traces within 10 minutes of mixing with stick blender. I just can't figure out why when I double this exact recipe it comes out different. I am mixing in a 5 gallon bucket and using a drill to mix. After stirring for 45 minutes I still did not get a solid trace. It looks like it is mixed well. I went ahead and poured it into 4 molds and after another hour and half it is getting harder now. Has anyone experienced this with double batches? I thought bigger batches would be easy. :sad:

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