DOS or not DOS?

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Dec 29, 2017
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Kranj, Slovenija
I made this soap in March this year using the recipe attached. I used beef tallow including the hardened fat from the top surface of beef soup, HO olive oil that has been used for frying doughnuts, castor oil, coconut oil, vinegar, sugar, fragrances Red orange, Ocean and Lemon grass. All fats were meticulously cleaned. I used dual lye cold process. Tap water was used as always.
I noticed the spots on most bars after having used them at about eight weeks spot trying to wash of the ash and bring out the colours. They were not used afterwards and the spots do not seem to spread or grow.
Although the spots look like DOS to me there is absolutely no change of odour: the bars still smell nice. They also produce nice lather and bubbles.
Now my dilemma is: are these DOS or not?



  • Loj, tudi z juhe, olje od cvrtja, kokos ricinus sladkor kis 20mar2022 verzija3 s sliko in grafi.pdf
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