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Nov 15, 2014
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For a few weeks I have been feeling downhearted as every batch of soap I have made has riced or worse. I am sure some of you saw my 'frog spawn' soap about a week ago, it was even too ugly for the Ugly Thread!!

So I have been mulling over what the cause could be (most probably the fragrances) and more importantly what I could do to try and get past it.

This morning I used the same recipe, room temperature lye and oils as usual BUT only brought it all to emulsion (is that the correct term?). A very thin batter, put in the fragrance and into the mould, no ricing, no thickening, it was a beautiful sight!! They even gelled which they have not done in a while.

Now I am hoping the soap gremlins are not s******ing in the corner ready to hijack my next batch !!!
And there they are again, sorry mods don't know how to change it
I'm glad you've dealt with the soap gremlins! Great news your soap worked out so well for you. Don't forget to post pictures!
So it's all your fault, Janzo!!! Don't worry, they won't bother you any more today because they're having a huge party at my house. :twisted: Everything that could go wrong has. It's not even 1:00 in the afternoon and I need a cocktail..... Instead, it's back into the breach. Charge!
KristaY and I are sharing them. My gardener's soap partially gelled, but still managed to get alien brain. How, I cannot imagine.

Fortunately it's a soap that's only used by a few people and they won't care when I gift them with these on Memorial Day.