Does anyone's pine tar cause an ammonia scent?

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Jun 26, 2022
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Hello all,

I've posted about this topic in the past, but have a secondary question to ask. When my home-made pine tar reacts with lye water (even if using a miniscule pinhead-sized amount of pine tar on end of wooden stick dipped in lye water), it instantly produces an ammonia like scent, that then ends up in the finished soap. The question I have is, does commercially available pine tar cause the same type of reaction, or is there something specific about my diy stuff that is doing this? I would be absolutely thrilled if any of you soapers who dabble in pine tar products could conduct a quick little test that would involve dipping a tiny quantity of your chosen pine tar into some lye water (using popicle stick, etc) and then taking a whiff. I'd be so grateful if anyone were to do this and then let me know about your results, and which brand of pine tar you used. Thank you so much in advance for anyone who might be able to help in this area. My initial thoughts are that my diy pine tar production process is too quick, and consequently allows a chemical to be retained in the tar that is causing the ammonia scent issue, whereas a longer burn production would vent off the culprit chemical. Thanks!

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