Do you reuse packaging?

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Jan 6, 2020
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Louisiana, USA
I have a single scented soap thats been out for a good year. The scent has faded and no one can identify it except its "floral". It just does NOT sell. I'm thinking of giving the soap to a local womens shelter rather than have it continue to take up table space. I have a good ten of them left. They are in the boxes from wsp with the square window at the top. Yes, everything is labeled with a sticky label. Would you just give away the boxes too? Or unbox the soap, and keep the boxes for reuse for another soap? Frankly, as soon as my current batch of boxes is used up, I'm going strictly to creating my own with my cricut.

The only floral I use is lavender and thats before my markets because it keeps the bloody mosquitos away.