Do you polish your soaps?

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Do you polish your soaps?

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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
Do you polish your soaps and if so, HOW do you do it? I've seen some really pretty shiney ones and I've had a couple people tell me they polish them instead of beveling or planing...
*wonders* if I can start a new life for the kids rock tumbler to polish my soaps......
smellitlikeitis said:
Nope, takes too much time!

I have to agree. It moves too fast outa here! :wink:
I have heard, though, that some use a cotton cloth dampened w/alcohol to rub them down. I have also heard of some just sudsing them up, rinsing, and letting them dry. Can't say if either works because I have never done either :roll:
I feel that if you suds up a soap bar, you've used it. It is now 'used soap' which to me is a tad distasteful in terms of selling or gifting.

I trim each bar, scrape with a drywall scraper (which is also my bar cutter) , then brush with a dry cloth to get off the crumbs. When my Dad helps, he likes to rub each bar with a dry towel until it gleams. Not necessary though.