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Mar 12, 2015
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tenby West wales
Hi everybody just wondered if anybody could shed any light on what's happening here? As you can see this is hp soap made about 5 months ago the colour on the edge is gone yucky if I cut it it is lighter any ideas??? TYIA

Sorry me again would shrink wrapping help

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It looks like its turning rancid, do the yellow areas smell bad? The soap is still safe to use, just chop off the bad spots. I think wrapping it at this point would just make it worse.

What oils did you use in it? Some are more prone to rancidity than others.
Rancidity (DOS) can turn soap an overall orange color if an ingredient throughout the the soap is going bad or if the soap is exposed to something that causes the soap to deteriorate. Possibilities -- Exposure to strong light. Something in the atmosphere in my friend's bathroom cupboard (I have no idea what!) Oxidized lavender EO. Fats going rancid.

Spots of DOS are more related, IMO, to small bits of contamination, such as trace metals, that trigger rancidity in a limited spot. Possibilities -- Handling soap with dirty hands. Tiny flakes of metal off utensils. Tap water with trace metals. Storing soap on a metallic surface.

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