Discoloration on top of scrub?

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Jan 29, 2016
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I make several different scrubs though most are emulsified. Last week I made a kitchen hand scrub. It's emulsified with my usual ingredients but I used the biggest salt grains (coarse pink himalayan) and cranberry seeds as the exfoliants. I also used d-limonene as it's a degreaser. I used orange essential oil for the fragrance (and for the cleansing). I used a bit of orange mica to color (not much but I have a Caribbean Salt Scrub that uses pink himalayan sea salt and they were the same color and I wanted to be able to distinguish them without having to look for the cranberry seeds in the kitchen scrub). I also used Phenonip as a preservative.

All my scrubs, including this one, are potted in a plastic bail jar. But this one discolored/darkened on the top. It looks dark in a not-good kind of way. Since it's so similar to the other scrubs with just a few differences, I can't figure out if the orange e.o. or the d-limonene would cause this or could it be the cold? I usually store my scrubs in a warmish place but stored these in the garage next to the kitchen so I could test them and the garage is COLD. Does anyone know the effect any of these ingredients could have on the top of a scrub? I don't know what is going on here. Thanks all!