Differences betweem Rebatched and Cold process soaps !!

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Nov 5, 2007
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Chicago, IL
Hi there,
I'm new here and wanted to learn rebatching since my hubby doesn't want lye around. I know CP and I kinda can figure out rebatch. But I was wondering what the differences were in the finished products? Also are the cure times the same???
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
When you rebatch is when you take a previously made batch of soap, grate it and remelt it. Other than looks, it can be the same as the cp or hp soap unless you take the time during the rebatch to add any extra goodies to make it more conditioning bar. If you don't want to mess with lye, then mp is a good alternative and needs no cure time at all and can be remelted if you don't like the way it turns out. HP can be used right away but can still benefit from a cure. I don't do hp so can't give you much guidance there. Cure time for a cp soap that has been rebatched will depend on when the soap was made and how much if any extra liquid you added to the rebatch since the soap needs time for the liquid to evaporate and get hard. Rebatching though usually refers to cp or hp soap and not mp.
You guys are awesome!

Thanks very much for the great advice! I have never used rebatched soap but I'll give it a go when my supplies get here. I love to melt and pour though- seems like the soap is way prettier! :)
Rebatch is definitely more rustic and old fashioned looking- I see that now but it's neat looking on top- peaks and swirls are easy to do- heck it's pretty much automatic! :)