Difference in soaping in humid and non-humid locales

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Apr 19, 2021
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My family is thinking of moving to Florida from Virginia (we used to live there but had to move due to work). I am concerned about how the change of weather will require changes my recipes, processes, etc. I have created recipes for fast drying, hard bars with good lather that can be demolded within 24-36 hours from 3d molds and I want to keep doing just that. :D

If you moved to a humid area from a non-humid area (or vice versa), would you mind sharing what changes, if any, you had to make?

I know I'll have to run the AC and consider a dehumidifier so I'm good there.

Nov 16, 2018
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Hamilton, New Zealand
I wouldn't think it would be a concern given that you all use A/C year round over there. LOL - I remember once when I was living in Kentucky and my house mate freaked out because the A/C stopped working. It was spring time and the temp outside was around 72 fahrenheit, which was what he always set the A/C to. I said "Why don't you just open a window?" which is what we do here in NZ pretty much all summer for our 'air conditioning'. "Gee - I never thought of that" he said.
Anyhoo - I do find when it is humid here in the late summer that my recipes move a tad quicker than other times, but my main problem is with the soap sweating during the cure, and beyond. They get quite wet at times. The dehumidifier will work wonders for that I reckon.

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