Difference in scent between Clary Sages

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May 31, 2010
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Los Angeles
Hi all! Clary Sage was outrageously expensive for a long while but seems to be coming back at lower prices than they had been at. I've always used French but that seems to be the MOST expensive. I'm considering Russian or Austrian. Have any of you tried Clary Sage from these areas? Thanks for any thoughts!
Thanks lsg. I've researched 15 suppliers for information/reviews including the page you shared. I was hoping for some direct experiences here but maybe no one has any! Thanks again for responding. :)
I have not tried Clary sage essential oil from those areas but as long as they say it is made from the plant Salvia Sclarea then it should be the same as the one from france (not noticeably different anyway, all essential oils are ever so slightly different, being from a plant that grows and changes due to weather and various factors it can never be exactly the same, but nothing a normal person should percieve). Think maybe the difference I'm guessing would be the cost of making the oil in those countries would be less (cheap labour, land prices, cost of distilling etc.) Also I'm pretty sure France is know for quality EO so they can charge more. As long as you are buying from a company you trust and know will provide pure EO and not ones that are "watered down" like if they can provide a gas chromatography report for that EO batch then that should show you if it is the same as what you would buy elsewhere.
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