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Aug 24, 2017
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I'm about to do my second wood grain soap loaf, and scouring videos I've found that some folks seem to cut their wood grain soap one way, and some another. This is using a very similar or identical technique for the pour, doing thin streams poured against the side of the tipped mold.

I'm looking for my best chance of success, so I'm wondering who does what among wood grain makers here. If you care to share your technique, to produce the largest surface of your wood-grained bar, do you:

A) Cut in layers parallel to what was the top of the loaf during the pour, like the way layers are layered into a layer cake? (NOT the way you slice a layer cake!)
- or -
B) Cut parallel to the sides of the mold?

And--how happy were you with your results?

Thanks for any insights!
@dibbles Thanks--I was so blown away by a wood grain soap of yours that I saw...if you cared to reveal which way YOU cut, I'd love it!

Also--I'm feeling guilty thinking that people clicking on this link are expecting photos, so despite the mediocrity I'll share my last effort.

I poured too early and lost definition, but I'm not sure if it's that or the way I cut that made it not live up to my goals. That plus titanium dioxide flecks and less color contrast than I wanted, etc...learning experience! Can't wait to try again.


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