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Feb 25, 2013
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So I'm new to hair products and was inspired by Grayceworks flax seed gel (thanks) to make something to define the waves in my low porous type 2b waves. I made the following, it works really well and am offering the recipe to you all if you are interested in making it or can help me improve it.

In percentages

Wave definer

Oil phase
4 coconut oil
2 shea butter
2.5 emulsifier (I used Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate)
1.5 cetyl alcohol

Water phase
75 flax seed gel- made immediately prior and also infused with rosemary and sage leaves at the same time as making the gel
9 water
3 glycerine
1.5 preservative (I used gluconolactone and sodium benzoate which isn't heat sensitive so I tend to dissolve it in some water first and add to the water phase)

cool down
.5 vitamin E
.5 lavender oil
.5 manuka (tea tree) oil

Usual lotion method.
My hair is softer and curlier yay!

Given the high amount of botanicals in this products, I've added a couple of extra preservative hurdles by storing in a pump bottle, keeping it in the fridge and placing a use-by of 3 months. This recipe is for my personal use only and I haven't had it challenge tested (yet).

I think the recipe would also benefit from some panthenol, and those with high porosity hair could sub the glycerine and water with a hydrolysed protein.

I also made extra flax seed gel and have stored it in the freezer in single use portions. We'll see how it holds up to being frozen.
Jan 31, 2009
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Thank you for your generosity in sharing this recipe! I'm sure many people will appreciate it. Since this post is a recipe, I'm going to make a redirect to the Bath, Body and Aromatherapy Recipes & Tutorials section. Then people who are browsing this section will also see it.