Curious wine dilemma!

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Jul 25, 2007
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Well, hi there boys and girls!

I've got a new one for you. I'm working on some "wine" soaps for a coupel of customers. I've found some decent wine fragrance oils, BUT... has anyone ever tried adding REAL wine to melt and pour soaps? Just trying to go for a more authentic fragrance. I can't seem to find any info out there about whether or not this can be done. I know some have done it in cold process, but no info on melt and pour.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know! Thanks! :wink:
How well do your wine scents sell? I have been thinking about expanding my "wine line" but am having a hard time finding a variation of fragrances...

I think it would be a problem adding wine to MP because the alcohol remains... Not sure tho. I do CP but I've never added wine... I've read about beer tho...
As to how well they sell, I can't really answer that question yet! I had made up some samples for a wine gift basket company. As it happened, before I got to show it to them, I was demo-ing some of my products at a local gourmet market, and they bought them! Still, thinking of that wine shop, I was hoping to get a bit more authentic. I know that Napa Valley makes some wine soaps, (CP), and I believe she uses the real thing. I'm just using fragrance oils. I think they're fairly decent - from Nature's Garden.

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