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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
So, I found this lovely new fragrance oil called 'Black Magic'. The supplier describes it as 'A truly divine fragrance with an enchanted forest feel - a blend of fresh Siberian fir, sweet spices and vanilla'

I thought to myself, yep that sounds like me - a little bit fresh, a little bit sweet, and just a bit spicy :lol: I made myself a body spray with it and went proudly off to work with my new fragrance, just waiting for someone to ask 'what is that lovely smell'

The only girl who noticed it thinks it smells like lolly bananas :shock: I'm crushed...
Don't you just HATE that.

Oh well, as long as you smell good to yourself, that's all that matters. :lol:
yup!!! who cares what others think! life is all about happiness, and if your not happy and comfortable with yourself then you have no way of being happy with others! it all starts from within!

so does it smell like the description??
Ian, I can smell vanilla, something fresh & an underlying spicy note. It is definately a sweet fragrance, but I don't know that I would agree with the 'enchanted forest feel' statement. I love it & will continue to use it, I just thought being told I smelt like lolly bananas was hilarious :lol:
Becky, mabie she is a smoker.. a smoker's smeller dont work just right.. I know cause I smoked till four years ago and now I can desern those under tones of other fragrances.
this is very true!! it messes with your taste buds as well as smell receptors so you cant really smell/taste anything truly as it is...cant stand ciggies or cigars blaaaaaaaaahhhghhk

hey as long as it smells good to you ! then who cares?!!? rock that stuff!!!
lol Aussies and lollies. My wife uses that word a lot to describe her goodies. Now vanilla+banana sounds very delicious to me for a lolly scented fragrance.