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Feb 17, 2020
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I had a bunch of soap scraps and decided to rebatch them into some soap for my family. I was cleaning and reorganizing the craft room anyway so figured why not. Well, now I know “why not” since my brain cannot do distractions when soaping 😞 Going through and trying to downsize soapmaking supplies is a big job and I was too focused on that job to be distracted with also making soap, even though it was just a rebatch.

The mixture was a combination of bars that turned out well in the original recipes, including several salt bars. I added some milk for liquid and the batter seemed to be doing well but the color was dull so I added some activated charcoal, dispersed in a bit of water. Then, I added sodium lactate. I thought I had a teaspoon measure but realized too late that it was a tablespoon. I decided to mold them anyhow and see how they turned out. I molded some of the soap into a silicone loaf mold and some into individual silicone cavity molds. I did not wrap or insulate them. I left them overnight and this morning most of them promptly broke and crumbled when handled. I was able to cut the loaf, which felt moist on the outside, but if I handle them they break. I zap tested and no zap. I also checked with a ph strip and it is in range.

I threw several bars back into the crockpot and added some water a little at a time until it seemed to be holding together. I just put them into cavity molds and covered with plastic wrap.

Is it possible to rescue these bars given I added too much sodium lactate? Any suggestions on what I can try? I am not heartbroken since these are just scrap bars and I enjoy the learning experience, both about the soapmaking and my brain 😂 If it isn’t worth the effort, I’ll toss them, but if there’s a chance to save them, I’d like to experiment.

Thanks for any advice. I’ll try to get some photos, too.