Cream soap viscosity woes.

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Jun 7, 2016
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Hi all.

Just had a hissy fit with trying to log into my old account. For some reason there is no way to get your password emailed to you so I had to create a new account.

Anyway, have tried making cream soap as per Lindy's tutorial (thanks btw!) and it turns out awesome except for one thing: viscosity. When I made the latest batch, it was like honey. Then when i sent it out to friends, it firmed up almost to the point of being a very soft solid soap.

I should add that i followed the recipe directly, except adding different amount of water at the mixing stage at the end, and using avocado oil instead of sweet almond. of course, a new lye calc has been done at 2% discount to make sure it is safe with the new oil type.

I also have not let the cream rot. I have the rest of the batch rotting, but my friends have some that was potted up straight away. The stuff that is rotting that i still have is fairly gloopy.

i also noticed that on one tub that my friends have, I potted it up after a day or two, and as i was mixing in scent it stiffened up right as i was mixing the scent in. crazy or what?

Is there any explanation for this and how can i make the viscosity more stable?