CPOP: Cold Process Oven Process

Discussion in 'Lye-Based Soap Forum' started by Basia, Feb 17, 2013.

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    temperature of the oven is in relation to the watercontent of the soap
    when you have lyewater over about 28% (in relation to your total amount of fat/oil ) your oven can be warmer (around 160 F , 70 C) to force gelphase
    I usually soap with a steep waterdiscount (everything from 16-25%) my soaps are not supposed to gel (that would need distiinctly more heat) my oven is around 122 F, 50 C for a few hours to get full saponification, and no sodaash

    the point is, you can not generalize the temperature of the oven when CPOPing since it very much depends on the recipe
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