CP Shampoo bar - Acne issue with tallow?

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Nov 1, 2022
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The title sums up pretty much everything.
I have been making shampoo bars with Tallow and LOVE how it creates delicate, full-volume lathers. It conditioned my hair pretty well too!
The only downside is that I keep getting acne on my scalp. Not all over the scalp, but one or two in super consistent numbers. If one acne goes, new acne will come soon after that. Honestly, this really annoys and frustrates me :(
I know there are other shampoo bars that won't cause such an issue, and this is my first time using tallow for my soap.

Any experiences with the tallow shampoo bar or tips on this?

Here is my tallow shampoo bar recipe:

10 oz olive oil
10 oz coconut oil
10 oz tallow
12 oz water
6 oz castor oil
5 oz lye
2 oz essential oils
I wish I could be of more help but my initial thought is that the only ingredient in your recipe that would affect my own scalp that way is the coconut oil as it is much more comedogenic (pore clogging). If that amount of coconut oil hasn't bothered your scalp before, have you tried the exact same recipe (and essential oils) with a different hard fat/butter in place of the tallow to see if tallow is truly the culprit?
Hi, although I am new to making soap, I have been using pure tallow soaps for about a year - with no negative effect on my skin?