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Nov 15, 2018
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Has anyone gone through, or heard feedback about, the cosmetic formulating course offered through Chemist's Corner? At $547 USD, it's a lot less expensive than the Formula Botanica course, which is $802 USD at the current exchange rate.

I don't recall ever hearing or reading about the CC course until an old article on SCM provided a link. The course was created by a cosmetic chemist and appears to have continuous open enrollment.

For FB's diploma course, the interwebs have a lot more references, including a rave review from Marie Rayma of HumbleBee & Me. This course supposedly focuses on "natural" and "organic" formulations, probably per the EU/UK definition of those terms since that's where they are based. I've taken their free course, but didn't learn much more than what can be learned from reading blogs and forums like this one. Enrollment for the paid course opens only at certain times of year.

Would love any intel from folks in the know. Thanks!
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I had not heard of this course, but it reminded me of a free course I once signed up for but didn’t complete, and now that I revisited the page, I see their name-Chemist corner- along with Swiftcrafty monkey as being part of it. The free course is hosted in Jane Barber’s Making Skincare website.
I think I’ve completed that one, too, but it has been awhile, so I will revisit it. Thanks for the reminder! 😊
I'm also interested in this course and would like to read reviews before I take the plunge, but haven't found any. You could perhaps ask on the Chemists Corner forum how people like the course and what you might expect from it? There are a few course students that post there. I know it's not the same as an independent review on an unrelated site but it might give you some idea.

I will say I think Perry Romanowski is very knowledgable and a talented educator, and I've learned an enormous amount from his blogs, forum and videos. So I expect the course would be very good, and much more worth it than Formula Botanica's or other courses.

He recently published an ebook called Introduction to Cosmetic Formulating, which is excellent. It's relatively affordable (books on cosmetic chemistry can cost hundreds). It might be a way to dip a toe in and see if you like his style - though I'm not sure how similar it would be to the course.

I tried Formula Botanica's free course, too, and didn't like it. I gave up after the intro part. I don't like the natural-first approach, it's too limiting and skewed - it's much better to learn fundamentals first. Plus I found their style really flaky and grating. I'm also put off by some bad info they have on their blog.
Thanks, @daisychain. I just finished his free 4-part Cosmetic Science course. It was interesting, and he did a good job of explaining things without a lot of repetition, fluff, or unnecessary "preaching" about his personal viewpoints about ingredients. I've started exploring the Chemist's Corner blog a bit to see if there is more feedback there about the course.