Coolest experience ever!


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Apr 6, 2015
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I just had the coolest experience ever that may potentially turn into legitimate business and I was just so flattered that it happened!

So two of my cousins (plus a wife and a friend) are in town, Denver, at the moment for various reasons and they both wanted to get together to do breakfast today before they head back home to Idaho. I used that opportunity to send a ton of my soaps back that are going to be put up at the quilt show, and save myself the insane shipping of 50+ lbs.

Well, they've all been bugging me for more soap so I had a bunch of stuff I boxed up for them as well to take home. We were sitting at this really popular place for breakfast and I brought the boxes in while we were waiting for our food so they could look over all of it and "fight" over who was getting what. All 4 of them were passing soap bars around, and the 3 girls were getting super loud and excited about the new goodies - one of them literally shrieked when she pulled out the cupcake soaps.

I noticed that a lady at the table next to us was staring the entire time and at first I thought she was just irritated because everyone was being a little loud. She actually leaned over though and asked if it was handmade soap we were passing around. When we said yes, she excitedly started asking if she could see it as well and the next thing I know she's got her entire table of 8 passing the soaps around and they all ended up asking me dozens of questions about it.

Long story short, they actually ended up buying a few bars off of me out of the box I had brought to send back to Idaho (I kind of felt like I was doing a drug deal in the parking lot though :lol:) It was the coolest, most flattering experience I've ever had honestly.

The only missed opportunity for me was that I didn't have business cards on me to give out but my business page is listed on the back of my cigar bands at least.