Cookie Cutters for Soap Molds?

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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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I was looking for t-shirt soap molds, but they want a small fortune for just 1 mold. So I found tin cookie cutters in the shape I want, now I just need to figure out how to make them into molds. Anyone have any suggestions?
You don't need to make them into molds. You can just pour your sop base into a cake pan oo other dish. When the soap sets firm, cut the shapes iout like they were cookies. It works just fine. Your excess soap that is cut away can be remelted for fture use.
I have used itty bitty cookie cutters to cut out small shapes to embed in larger bars. You can cut out the letter O & the letter X to set inside your valentine soap bars, etc.
artisan soaps said:
Old post - Great tip!

Thanks Tabitha :D

It is a great tip, I never thought of that, LOL

I would have tried to attach a base to a buncha cookie cutters and then poured each individually :lol: :lol: :lol:
Corrie (Lomond Soap) posted some heart shaped ones that she did in the photo gallery, I think it was for valentine's day. anyway she said she poured the soap into a box then cut it out with the cookie cutters. It looked so great, and she said they were her best sellers.
Ages ago I cut all seven species of sea turtle out of thick ply wood, and used them with HP to make anatomically correct silluette sea turtle soaps. I just set the cut outs (which are like your cookie cutters) out on some wax paper and squished hot HP into the shapes with a flat chunk of wood, let them cool, trimmed while still in the mould by running across the flat surface of the wood with wire, gently popped out, and they worked really well! I also sealed the wood so it would slip out nicely and so the wood would not warp with wet soap and cleaning, and used a discounted water recipe as soft/squishy water heavy soap would not work well for this - discounted water olive oil is perfect. It is a cheap way to make flat and accurate 2D shapes with HP (you just need a jigsaw, you can get a cheap one for $20 at KMart or WalMart, and some thick ply to the thickness of soap you want). :)

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