Colorants - How much is too much?

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Jan 5, 2008
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I have severe swirl envy. Y'all make such beautiful soaps. Mine are....well...blobby. :roll:

I have used oxides and Select Shades, with and with out TD. I don't get a sharp line, so to speak. Perhaps I just don't have the contrast between colors, even though I have used a hair over 1t ppo of the Select Shades and oxides. They appear okay until the unveiling after gel. Then...blobby. much can I use before it stains things I'd rather not color? Is it a trial and error thing?

Are some ingredients not conducive to swirls?

Do FD&C dyes work better?

Can I convince folks that blobby is the new rage that everyone needs to have?

i don't think it is the amount that is causing the problem ( follow mfg suggested amounts ) it is the timing of trace when you do it. for the fine wispy lines you are wanting you almost have to do all pouring and swirling right after everything is emulsified ( just barely covers the bell on the stick blender) and not at full trace. it is a fine line and you have to know your soap formula. if you pour at too thin it will seperate in the mold to thick it makes for big globs here and there.
when you rub your soap with your towel and the coloring is in the towel, or you see alot of the coloring going down the drain while bathing..

that is too much coloring
Thanks Barb. So....timing is everything. I did another batch and waited for thicker trace and it came out better.

Thanks Missjulesdid........I have seen this tutotial and this is much like my swirls that work out. Then there are the blobbies. I guess what I am after is very sharp lines and what I get is the blurred look. Sometimes I just want some drama. :lol:

And I thought the smurf look was......ummmmm......interesting. :roll: I didn't tell DH he was tinged blue this morning. Just kidding!!