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Jan 18, 2020
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San Jose, CA
Hey folks,

I had a quick question about colloidal oatmeal. I add glycerin at 15% after my HP cook and my overall Stearic+Palmitic content is at 54%, I am considering adding colloidal oatmeal for additional slip.

Context - I used my Nutribullet to grind rolled oats and sifted them through my kitchen sieve, what was left was very fine oat powder if you will. I mixed 2 tbsps with half a cup of water and it formed a milky solution. But it is not a "colloid" in chemistry terms per se. If you see the image below, some of the oatmeal powder has actually sunk to the bottom to form a slightly thicker paste. The picture was taken after 15 mins.

Question - Is this good enough or should I try buying actual colloidal oatmeal? Has anyone tried adding colloidal oatmeal in their recipes? Do you just make it at home or usually buy it?


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