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View attachment 69171I'm guilty as charged when it comes to tossing a batch of soap. :eek: It's a reflex reaction. I can't help it. I've been frugal for as long as I can remember. I deplore waste. Please forgive me. 🙏
I guess it depends on which side of the coin you are on. Saving scraps requires space, space that I can use for ingredients or inventory.

Rebatching a soap requires additional time and money. Example...a typical bar of soap without packaging costs me around XXX (includes labor). To rebatch a soap, I will first have to shred it (labor), remelt it (add'l water, electricity and time), and recolor or rescent it (more money). Considering that labor and scent is my highest costs on that bar have now doubled Now I have to package it (more money). At best I'll probably break even, at worst I will lose money and if that is the case, why not toss the soap and use the labor, ingredients and overhead to make soap that will generate a profit? Yep...I'm an accountant.
But sometimes there is only one right way
Which is not the same as "my way or the highway". Example...Loom Knitting, Needle Knitters tend to look down on it as not 'real' knitting *uh huh...trying to a SKPasso on a Knitting Loom and tell me that's not real knitting. Of course, Loom Knitters tend to look down on Needle Knitters for 'playing with sticks' because of the difficulty of doing a SKPasso on a Loom. And then there is the entire deal with Knitters looking down on Crocheters. Uh huh...let's see you work with thread!

And I'm totally fine with @KiwiMoose thoughts on M&P, it's not my cup of tea either. My response was more of an "in general" to everyone that it's OKAY to have different opinions. Like their are folks who think using Lard or Tallow is gross and disgusting...and it's okay, doesn't mean you have to stop making soap with Lard or Tallow. I make a Lard Soap. I also use Palm Oil (RSPO because I'm not a heathen), Mica and FOs.

You do you.
Going off topic... but this seems the perfect opportunity to ask...

I've often wondered how well the plain soaps sell vs your beautiful colorful creations?
It’s really hard to say. The ZNSC has an equal chance of selling I think, but the oat soap doesn’t seem to sell as well to new customers, but I make it for the benefit of those who come back and ask for more.

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