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Aug 26, 2015
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
As many of you know, I work in a print shop. Yesterday, a gentleman came in, one who had been a customer before our shop relocated. He'd sold his business and was now in a new career, working with an association that deals with mentally and handicapped people. When he gave me his card, I realized I'd worked for the same association for a short time, as a relief receptionist/secretary, in their head office. That's coincidence #1.

He came in with a box of manuals, for which he needed a chapter printed and inserted. The box came from a print shop in the town I grew up in. The print company is the company that bought out the print shop I started in! I was a little floored, to be honest. Two coincidences in one day, through one person.

What about you? Any interesting coincidences?
Not sure if this counts...
Today I stopped at Wegman's and I use their EV charger they have there. As I was driving in I was looking at a small maroon pickup that I always wondered how it was. Plus it had a FireFighter sticker in the window, that makes me smile as an old friend is a FF.
I get out of my car and a guy stops to ask me about my EV car. We chat for a few minutes and it turns out HE is the one in the maroon pickup. We chatted for about 45 minutes in the store. Yes he just retired from being a FF :)

Does that count?

bummer he wasn't single
Twice I have traveled a couple of thousand miles and ran into friends I hadn’t seen in many years.

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