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So today I made coconut soap. I formulated my recipe with a high amount of coconut oil, because I wanted a soap that would lather well in salty water. (I'm a total sucker for adding a LOT of bath salts to the water and relaxing with a good book.)

But my shea and mango butter are running on the low side so I didn't want to use them. *stupid* So I used sweet almond oil instead. MENTAL NOTE : Check the amount of oil before you formulate a recipe when you know you don't have a whole lot of it left. *double stupid*

Ok so I mixed my aloe vera juice with my lye and I added a bit of the silk I got from Paul, AND i also added 1 tsp of powdered sugar. Let it come to room temp.

So later I mixed all my oils up.
55% coconut oil
15% safflower oil
30% sweet almond oil (oh crap i don't have enough SAO :oops: )

So I did some quick math and I needed 281 grams of SAO but I only had 121 grams, so I used olive oil to fill in the difference.

And then I made it using the RTCP method. Oh and I did up the fragrance a bit to more than 1 opp as well. Coconut Scent of course, and it's also made with coconut milk.

I can't wait to try it out, but I just sliced it. It was still a little warm when I sliced it. But it looks ok, even with my little boo boo.


oh and I formulated this to be set at 15% superfat because of the higher amounts of coconut oil. And yes I picked 15% out of the thin air.
Looks good to me! When I do a 80% CO, 15% shea, and 5% Castor Oil soap, I up my SF to 12%. I don't need to go higher since the GM adds fat to the recipe too. Man, does my soap using this recipe lather like crazy!

Did you like using the silk? It makes my aloe vera solution look kinda yellowish-tan looking. I love silk and have used it in every soap now for over a year, at least! 8)
I'm very proud of my soaps with what I use in them, how they make your skin feel after a shower. I have a very nice soap now after learning and tweaking for over 2 years to come up with 4 favorite recipes.
MAN.. WOW I have a lot of soap to make to catch up...

Faithy that soap looks so smooth and creamy! I am a fan of lots of lather.
I got my FO's today from Wholesales supplies plus and Ive already made a batch of Cucumber melon.... whipped cant wait to cut it. You do very nice work I like the image editing too, do you use Coral?
Paul I love the silk !!!!

It's so dreamy in soap, you have got me hooked on another good thing !!!

Next time I might go with higher CO and use the mango or shea butter. I just didn't want to use it this time cause i'm running low waiting for an order to arrive. 8) So I subsuited the SAO as a skin conditioner. But it will still make decent soap. Can't wait to try it !!!!

I'm such a sucker for HM soaps now. *grins*

Neil, I'm also a fan of lots of lather. And now with soapcal i know how to make the most of my ingredients to get the best soap i can. And it's so much fun trying new things and new scents.

Now i'm gonna have to either order more lye online or make a trip to Grand Forks which is 140 miles from where I live (one way) to get some more of it. Cause I'm starting to run low now. Least I won't get dirty in the mean time since i'm stocked up !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I've been adding silk to all my soap batches for a few years now and just love the difference it makes.

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