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Jan 24, 2008
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I found some Coconut Flour at Whole Foods. Anyone every use it in soap? I was wondering if it would be like oat flour.
Oat flour is ground up oatmeal which has beneficial skin properties. Not sure what the coconut flour would do for the soap. Does it have a texture or scrubby quality at all? I would assume it retains some of its fats but not sure.

I would try it as an additive using a tried and true recipe that you use regularly. Add 1 TBS per pound oils and compare it to soap without it.
Thanks Marr

I'll try that. It actually feels a little more textured that the oat flour I bought but not much, it is slightly sweet and has a little bit of a smell, I really bought it to use as a partial replacement in my scone recipe cause i thought it might add a coconut flavor to the scones. :lol:

Maybe I'll use Coconut Milk in the batch of soap as well and see how it goes.

Just double check the ingredients of the flour so make sure there isn't something you don't want in the soap. Some coconut milks have guargum (sp?) in them and from what I understand they can make a mess out of soap depending on how much is in the milk.

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