cocoa + peppermint = green

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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
so, i was making the last batch of soap for the wedding...the first 2 were on batch of peppermint eo and one batch of cocoa for the last batch it was going to be a peppermint-cocoa. it WAS a blue soap 1 tsp blue oxide in 5 lbs (and brown chunks were to be added)....until i added the eo and fo to its first i thought it was teal, but no, its green...

thank god i had already expanded the color scheme from blue/brown to include a hint o' green here and there!

just thought everyone would like to know for future reference!
Do you think there is a chance that it might morph back to the correct color, or close to it? I had a blue turn pink and I thought, "Oh, that's nice...I'll take it." Then it changed to a grayish lavender and then a beautiful dark lavender. Funny the surprises we encounter. I find it fascinating. Makes me feel like a mad scientist 8)
just loooked at it a few minutes ago. the top is a grayish green, the rest is just about the right blue color. when i get it cut and cured a few days i'll post some pics....

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