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Jul 26, 2023
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I have been looking to create a cleansing bar. I don’t want to add any additional butters or oils other than what I have below.

I haven’t tested a high OO recipe. How long should I allow this to cure? Also, would I need to increase the SF to ensure this is cleansing without being drying?

Open to other feedback as well about the recipe.
Nov 16, 2018
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Hamilton, New Zealand
I think your recipe is spot on. The CO and Babassu provide the cleansing (unless you already have Babassu you can just replace it with CO, which is practically identical in fatty acid profile and waaaaaay cheaper). 25% is cleansing enough for most people ( CO and Babassu combined) and the OO will provide the oleic and some reasonable hardness after a good cure. I'd aim for at least a 3 month cure, though it would be better with six. High olive soaps tend to get oleic slime which I don't like texture -wise so if anything I'd lower the superfat to 3% to combat that.

Or you could try @Zany_in_CO 's no-slime castile - the version wiht 10% CO and 5% castor?


Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO
I have been looking to create a cleansing bar.
What you have there is a "conditioning" bar.
Cleansing Value is Low at 17 >>>> Range: 12 - 22
Conditioning Value
is High at 66 >> Range: 44 - 69

INS Value of 140
will take longer than average 4-6 weeks to cure that applies to soaps closer to INS 160, the so-called "perfect" soap.

Sat : Unsat of 32:69 is heavy on the unsaturated fats which also means a longer cure time.

An easy way to correct this: 30% Coconut Oil + 70% Olive Oil.

Make a small batch. It should be fully cured in 4-6 weeks although you could certainly test drive it at the 2 week mark to see if it has the cleansing / conditioning feel that suits your preference.

From there you can tweak to your heart's content. Sub babassu for the coconut (also cleansing but more conditioning than coconut) OR sub 5% castor for some of the olive oil for more conditioning and to boost lather.

For more room to design a balanced bar, take a look at the Basic Trinity of Oils starter formula. That is the combo I see most often in top-selling handcrafted soaps online like Dr. Squatch and so many others. What's missing from your recipe is that third leg, i.e., palm oil (or lard, tallow, shea butter, etc.)

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