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Sep 16, 2007
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Houston, TX
Has anyone packaged their soaps in clamshells? I was wondering how they work. What I read on WSP website is you just pour your soap in it and once it hardens, close it up and label it.

If anyone has done this, can you tell me about it? Just curious.

I've purchased a few "clam shell" molds. I guess that's the idea, to sell the soap right in the package, but I just use them as regular molds, and the "cover" piece helps keep out any dust too!
Yes, each clamshell is a single cavity mold w/ a lid. After your soap sets up you close the lid, slap on the label & it's good to go. The buyer pops the soap out of the mold when they are ready to use it. It's convenient but expensive.
I just started a line of soap using these containers... I thought it was a great idea... but it is getting some what expensive. The shells are about 50 cents (then figure out your shipping...) per bar...

They really save time, I hate hate hate trying to use cling wrap to wrap my bars...

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