Cinnamon-infused water?

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Mar 26, 2016
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Central Iowa
I boiled a pan of water with cinnamon sticks in it to give the house a cozy, fall smell. Now I have a nice sized batch of cinnamon-infused water left over, and I wondered if there's any reason I couldn't add that to my NaOH to make soap?
It is not going to help your soap smell good, but there should be no reason not to. People use ground cinnamon in soap all the time (no, that does not help the smell, either).

I use cloves, cinnamon, and mandarin and/or clementine peels to scent my house. I save the peels all winter, then use them in the fall. Yummy! This is also a good way to use up those pumpkin and apple pie spice mixes so you can buy fresh for this year.
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Well, it is a nice way of conserving water, and seems we worth it if you are fine with the color. I have used tea water for my lye solution to see how dark it would make the soap. I have also used marshmallow root infused water (essentially a tea) for my lye water just to use up some leftover roots I had in my cupboard.

Although cinnamon is known to warm and stimulate the skin, I wouldn't hesitate to use a water infusion of cinnamon in lye water. I would test it carefully of course, but I doubt there would be enough to worry about in such a case.