Ciaglia from potentially rancid soap?

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Nov 16, 2018
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Hamilton, New Zealand
Soooo - I have a very disappointing batch of soap that I want to make into a ciaglia soap so that it's not wasted. It's been fine up until about 2-3 weeks ago when I noticed it had lost its fragrance. The batch was made on 23rd Oct - so not super old by any stretch. I don't think it's rancid per se - it doesn't smell bad. And soaps I've made before and after it are all fine with the same recipe, so I just think maybe the FO died? I don't think I've eve had soap go real bad/rancid. I have seen DOS and that smelled a bit off, but this is just a waxy/oil smell ( I guess like unscented soap, which I've never made so i don't know).
I'm worried that if I use it for ciaglia and it does eventually go rancid that it will turn the whole new batch rancid. But then I don't want to waste it either. What to do? Any advice from my esteemed soaping colleagues?


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Apr 18, 2020
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In the name of experimentation and learning ... you could make a little unscented batch (then you'll know what they smell like 😅)

It is a risk to use potentially dos (or beginnings of) soap to make another soap, but if it's just FO fading, then sure, ciaglia would be a great solution. Waxy/oily smell would normally suggest to me the beginnings of DOS, but some oils do have a slightly funky smell in old soap anyway.

Sorry not to be of more help, but I'd still go for it and make a quick use (not too fancy!) ciaglia 😘

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