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Nov 1, 2007
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Mine is simply to streamline and concentrate on the core products, soap and candles, so I"m eliminating my Mini Soaps as well and some other very time comsuming products. The end goal is to have a little more time for ME - what a concept! I love what I do and that's what leads to things being so lopsided, 2014 is about balance for me. So that's my two cents! How about you guys? What are you going to do differently?
My goal is to increase my production and learn new techniques, as well as keep a stable stock of items so that when soap-spiration hits I can do something about it! It seems that my goal is the opposite of some of you guys'!
My goal is to finally be off the smokes.

I've tried so many times now, and I started a med to help me quit. Fingers crossed guys!

Austin, it's hard, but it's worth it. I have read that the more times you try to quit, the more likely you are to quit finally. All those other attempt weren't failures. They were preparing you to quit for good.

People laugh at me for this, but it really helped me quit. I loved smoking, and I loved cigarettes, but I wanted to quit, so I looked at it as a break-up, and I wrote break-up letters to my cigarettes. Like, "Dear cigs, I love you, but you just aren't good for me." "Dear cigs, Thanks for being there for me, but I can't be in this relationship any more." "Dear cigs, I just can't allow you to take all my money and leave me feeling bad any more."

It really helped me! It might not be the trick to help you, but be creative, and find something that works. And remember, it gets easier every day.

Feel free to message me if you need support. You can do this!
I've been nonsmoking for 4 months now. I still miss it everyday. Smoked for a really long time and I loved it. But I don't regret quitting at all. Good luck and if I can do it you can! Trust me. I used Chantix to quit.

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I don't regret quitting, I regret starting. I started real young, and I'm worried that has me in a bad cycle.

I've smoked more in my life than not.
Austin, I started when I was 12. I smoked for 33 years. Oopppss, you can do the math and I smoked way too long

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My goal is not to let myself feel daunted or discouraged in pursuing my desire to make and sell beautiful soap. Too many times in my life I've stopped going forward in the direction of happiness. I will allow myself joy and success.

Also, just because I let myself down one day doesn't mean I have to give up because I've lost ground. I will also allow myself small setbacks, not call them failures and not let them impede my progress.
I don't know if I will ever sell soap, although I like to dream about it. But my goal for the new year is to acquire skills & techniques that will produce beautiful, sellable soaps every time.
Great topic!

My soap goals are to have a consistently awesome base soap formula I feel great about selling, and to get a very small soap business going. I have been daydreaming about a soap business for years now. This year I finally actually made some soap! I have registered my business name, too. So I have two of the first steps down. Hopefully this time next year I will be ready to sell a thoroughly tested, tried, and true bar of soap.

Personal goals are to floss every night, run at least 40 miles a week, and eat more raw meals.

Regarding smoking, thinking of myself as an ex-smoker rather than a non-smoker helped my mental game. I also remember repeating to myself "I'd rather be an ex-smoker who sometimes wants a cigarette than a smoker who always wants to quit." I quit in 2010 after 18 years of smoking. It was my 2nd attempt and I am still an ex-smoker today! What's more, I'm an ex-smoker who is running a marathon this Sunday. What, what?

Good luck with all your goals, everyone!
My goal is to find good craft shows in our area and take my products to sell at them. One or 2 shows a year don't cut it. Not with the inventory I need to move!
My goal is to get a core of stable and (of course) efficacious products under my belt as well as pushing my boundaries in soaping.

I will always be a smoker, I just don't smoke cigarettes anymore - I can't do what some people do and just smoke now and then. So I smoke a pipe, and limit myself to 3 or 4 per week.
My business goal is to find more time to practice making soap and b&B products so I can get my business off the ground.

My personal goal is to lose some of the weight that keeps finding me even though it means I'll have to make time for exercise :p

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