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Mar 7, 2016
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I recall seeing a random YouTube video where someone had mentioned using something (I think it might have been tapioca starch) to help the scent stick. I can't remember if he/she was making CP or HP soap and I wanted to know if this is a "thing" and if it's actually helpful specifically for CP soap making.
Any info is appreciated.

I add kaolin clay to almost every batch and add my EO/FO to it. I'm hoping/wishing it works, esp with fragile citrus scents, but I can't honestly say I notice a difference.
I use and hope for kaolin to work - but no idea if it's truly doing anything more than simply chanting "please don't fade" as I pour would have done.

When I make salt bars, I use a portion of Dendritic Salt and premix my fragrance into it. Those batches do seem to have better scent retention for me. Note: I haven't done any true experiments on that so it could have just been the FOs themselves...

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