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Mar 13, 2008
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I'd it if you could give me your favourite suppliers, url and all.

I'd like to have some good ones from Canada.

Also, who has the best prices, including shipping?
Yes, I did. Thanks for your suggestion.

I was hoping to get a condensed, more comprehensive list of favorites for soap making only, including a geographical breakdown.

Where do you get your supplies from? I've used Essence Frangrant Oils,, both Canadian suppliers.

Essence Fragrant Oils had superb service. They phoned me to confirm something, and even put some change in a little pouch in the package when the shipping was cheaper than the checkout said.

Maybe because I'm so close, but my orders are almost always here the next day!
Hi Sholdy

I live in Midwestern Ontario and just started making soap a couple months ago. So far I ordered my supplies from Canwax in Missisauga. This is nice and close and I usually get my order delivered the next day, too.