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Mar 25, 2016
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st johns newfoundland
Anyone here live in Canada! I was curious where you purchase/order your supplies! I'm brand new, haven't even made a batch yet! I'm beginning to compile all my goodies.
Greetings and welcome to the addiction! :) Weekends are a bit slow around here. More so even because of it being Resurrection Sunday, but I am sure that some of our resident Canadians will be along later. I live in Michigan and buy my oils from
Suppliers in BC

Canwax is out of Ontario. I get my essential oils from there and some fragrance oils. I like there pictures. Silly I know.

My favorite for oils that I can't get from the store is Voyageur.

All the way over here in the east coast! Newfoundland

That was also supposed to read certainly, not currently haha.

Thanks so much for your suggestions!
I'm in BC, but we are looking to move to Newfoundland in 5 years, yaaaaay! I currently buy from Voyageur in BC, but also Candora and New Directions Aromatics, which are both in Ontario, soa little closer to home for you.
I get most of my supplies from New Direction Aromatics - they have some of the cheaper essential oils that I have seen around. If I am not mistaken, they are down near Toronto! I have only had pleasant experiences purchasing from them and they usually package everything extra good with lots and lots of bubble wrap.
And welcome!