Can you use chocolate transfer paper on soap?

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Apr 21, 2024
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I want to write text on my soap and water soluble paper would not give my soap the aesthetic I am looking for (because the paper is too obvious). I was thinking about using chocolate transfer paper. I am not concerned about the cocoa butter in the transfer sheet, but the "ink" is made of FDA food grade sugar and food colouring I believe. This would be a face soap but would the tiny amount of "ink" present in the soap cause any harm?
I have my doubts if food coloring would stand up to soap. Are you thinking of adding the transfer after the soap has hardened? Here is a tutorial on using water soluble paper.
Correct, I would add the transfer paper after the soap has hardened and it would just be a little bit of text. Water soluble paper does not give the soap the aesthetic I am interested in, which is why I was wondering if this would work (or if there are any other alternatives)

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