Can you layer/combine HP and CP soaps?

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I am sure this is a beginner question so please be easy on me! And where can I get some of the wonderful layering tips and tutorials?
I was actually just wondering this too.

This may be silly, but I actually had a dream the other night where i was in this little craft boutique. There was a display of these homemade soaps. They were CP soap that had really cool designs carved into them - pirate ships, animals, native american designs, etc. Then there was a thin layer of clear M&P soap on top of the carving to act as a protectant of the intricate carvings.

Is something like that even possible? Is layering the two types possible at all? I've never even done M&P before - i've only worked with CP.
I'm glad you asked, because I was wondering the same thing. Can you layer CP soap? Can you put chunks of coloured CP in a batch, sort of like you would with MP? If so how do you do it? I want to attempt a horizontal layered effect and wanted to know if that would work with CP? Any suggestions or help?
Yes you can. :)


I didn't have enough soap to fill a mold. Can I top it off with the next batch? I am doing hot process. Wondering if I should mist it with water first. Being hot process my thinking is that if I misted it with oil, that it wouldn't stick.
I tried to layer some HP soap; it didn't work. I made a batch of HP; I mixed 1/3 of it with pumice. I poured the 1/3 into my mold, then I poured the remaining on top. The two layers didn't stick together- I've had success with this pumice-layer type soap with CP- I think because the two layers were much more fluid.
Thanks Soapgardener. Guess I'll rebatch it then. I have some soap that I made this weekend and colored some of the batch with crayon & layered it while hot, and it seems to not wanna stick too well at the layer.

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