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Nov 9, 2016
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Atlanta, GA
When you bulk order your oils, do you just randomly google the cheapest price?

Is there a preferred vendor?

Do individuals really order 55 gallon drums?

I'm pretty much still a complete newbie when it comes to soap, I'm assuming there has to be a better option than buying olive oil from Kroger.
If you are in the US, Soaper's Choice.

I recently hit the jackpot at my local restaurant supply store - 50 lbs each of lard, HO sunflower and rice bran.

I buy my olive from Costco. When you figure in shipping, the cost is pretty close to Soaper's Choice, plus I'm already storing other oils in bulk - a gallon of castor, 10 lbs of shea, etc.

I wouldn't imagine many individuals order 55 gallon drums, just bc they'd be hard to move around!
I have a costco membership but just an FYI...I received a complimentary card to get into BJ's...I'm sure you can go to their respective websites and garner a trial membership card....
I have been tempted by the 55 gallon drum of olive oil. We go through so much of it, that between my sister and it would only last 3-6 months.
Recipe! I demand a recipe, Dixie!!!!! :mrgreen:

Seriously, I try to be particular about where I buy my oils/fats. Two reasons -- consistency and freshness.

Soapers Choice is my favorite for buying harder-to-find products such as meadowfoam, castor, glycerin, avocado, etc. It's a subset of Columbus Foods that sells edible oils to the food industry, so I suspect their products are turned over regularly and stay fairly fresh. They also have a reputation for selling good quality products, so I am less concerned, for example, about them selling adulterated olive oil. I'm not a large user, but I know they sell in bulk quantities, unlike most other suppliers.

When I don't have home rendered lard, I usually buy it from Walmart. From experience I know the lard at Walmart doesn't sit long on the shelf, compared to the lard at my local small grocery store. You can also order online and have it shipped to a local store at no cost (or to your home if over $50), and that makes a bulk purchase feasible. That may also make Walmart a cheaper source for lard compared with Soaper's Choice if you factor in the shipping cost from Soapers Choice.

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