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Jan 10, 2008
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DeLand, FL
Anyone ever eat it??....Its gooooood! mmmmm. Makes me sad that the 'cowboys' of yesteryear pretty much killed them all off....I buy ground meat and steaks whenever I can because they are much more lean than beef and I love the taste mmmm mmm!
I've had buffalo burgers and buffalo jerky. It's good, but my personal preference is beef.
lol.. Sorry it made me burst out laughing that you think it is sad they were pretty much killed off because you want to eat them!

I have a pretty strong meat aversion so I've never tried it. I always think anything like that will taste "gamey" which scares me.. :shock:
It's sad because they weren't killed off for food.. If they were all eaten then I don't think that would be that sad.. they were just wasted.. and waste is sad...

But what is not sad is how tasty the buffalo tastes... I do prefer beef. I used to get mine from an islamic supplier because I trusted the meat more than the regular meat. that was the best.
jules- Ditto on the 'sad' because they were just shot for fun..:( and they were the native americans main foodsource ..which is why i think they killed them off...if you want to destroy a population...whats the most effective way to do that? take away their food source.

Im not sure whether id prefer beef or buff but i like the gamey taste, and the fact that theres less fats and its got a lot more nutrients because theyre fed different things (pumpkins etc..)

Im looking for a good supplier right now, but in central FL its hard to find them...going to go check my local meat market for some steaks but right now all I can find are the ground meat packs at Bj's wholesale...
I believe they were killed off so the indians would have trouble feeeding themselves, all part of the master plan. They tried to kill off all of mustanges too but were not able to accomplish that.
I've eaten buffalo burger, buffalo tenderloin and love buffalo jerky. I know someone in Oklahoma who makes soap out of buffalo fat.

I still have 6 or 7 pounds of deer tallow left. Boy does that stuff make a hard bar!

Paul :wink:
MANW- no worries, I didnt think you were making light of it! :)

mmm buffalo jerkey now that is something I have not tried yet but i would love to :)...i want to order some tenderloins as well mmm mmmmm or a filet or two or tbone....thats the good stuff :D
I've never tried buffalo meat. Maybe it's because I live in New England and it's much more rare to find it here. I'd like to try though.
P.S "Buffalo buffalo buffalo. " is a real sentence.