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May 12, 2010
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These babies smell sooo good I want to eat them! Used unrefined cocoa butter, cocoa powder & BB's chipotle caramel FO (inspired by TeresaT's love of Mexican cocoa). Now I want to make another batch without the cocoa that's like an apple - cinnamon pie.


OMG, they look DELICIOUS! They look like decadent little scoops of creamy, rich ice cream. Are they a bath fizzy type thing? I'm not exactly sure what a bubble scoop is. :oops:
Here's a link to the recipe in case anyone else wants to try them: http://www.megsmadeit.com/2013/11/chocolate-ice-cream-bubble-bath-truffle_14.html

They were really quick and easy to make but I did tweak the recipe slightly. Since they contain a large amount of butters, I was worried about leaving the tub greasy so I added some Ewax to the butter portion and some cornstarch to the dry ingredients. They should fizz & foam like a foaming bath bomb but with more moisturizing properties (I hope). I'm definitely testing them out tonight and will report back with results.
Oh my gosh!! They look awesome! Cannot wait to get a report on how they work. Now I want to make some Mexican cocoa! I've got everything but the pepper. (It does not taste good with Louisiana hot sauce.)
Dorietta shared some with me. Tried them last night! They were pretty nice! The bath bomb spun around nicely until the flat side was on top, but then I nudged it and it started spinning again. The yummy scent is still clinging to my skin. It's REALLY good!

But I'm not a huge fan of the poo-poo water.
Finally got to do a tub test Fri night and was fairly pleased with the performance (minus the poo-poo colored water). I think adding the ewax was a good move as it had 2 desirable effects: prevented a greasy ring of butter & cocoa powder around the tub and also seemed to make the butters stick to my skin without feeling slick. In the future, I may tweak to recipe to include more SLSA or other surfactants just because I'm a bubble ho :)