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Jul 24, 2014
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Encinitas, CA
Hello all,

It's been a while since I made brine soap, which I remember really liking. But don't remember if I CPOP'd it or not. I am happy having it either gel or not gel, I just don't want partial gel.

Did some searches here but could not find anything on the subject regarding brine soaps, and people disagreed about whether or not to CPOP salt soaps - their closest relative - although most people seemed to lean against it. A bit afraid to CPOP if these things are likely to volcano/heave because they are subject to overheating, so any input would be appreciated.

Also, if the vote is "not gel", just stick them in the freezer as soon as poured?
I've never made this type of soap. However, Cathy at Soaping 101 made a video about it using 100% coconut oil. She doesn't say to gel or not to gel, but the fact that she doesn't say to gel it makes me believe you don't or it's not necessary.

Thanks for the input, you guys. I ended up making the soap that same day - before your replies - and did some more research, saw some posts from Amy Warden in connection with her soap salt contest advising CPOPing w/salt soaps b/c it helped w/cutting over hard/crumbly salt soaps.

So Cpop'd it before I saw your input. Ended up being fine, although it hardened up very fast, it got firm and I cut within 30 ms - an hour of taking it out of the oven. Next time I will try not CPOPing to see the difference!
I just made some brine soap. The only other time I tried it I was not pleased with the way the loaf crumbled when I cut it, and I may have used more salt than I should have. I ended up grating it up and mixing the shreds into new batter and loved that soap. So today, I made sure to keep my salt content to 20% and make 100% CO soap with 20% SF. I poured into individual silicone molds and popped them out after about an hour. Now they are sitting in their drying rack, while I wait to try them.