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May 25, 2008
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Seattle, WA
Hey all! I'm pretty darn new to making bath and body products, but I wanted to make a lotion both for my father and myself. He gets really dry, almost scaly skin and my skin gets very dry. I thought I'd make a lotion for the both of us!

However all three attempts I've gotten have given me very oily results! I know something I'm doing is off but I'm not sure what yet.

Here's my current batch that came out the best texture-wise:
66% Butters (Shea, Kokum, Cocoa)
32% Oils (Plum Kernel, Kukui Nut, Tamanu)
2% Vitamin E & GSE

My Shea and Cocoa butters are unrefined, and my kokum is refined. I've been melting all the butters, combining them with the rest of the ingredients, and then sticking them in the fridge afterwards.

I managed to make a lip balm and sugar scrub with great results, I just can't figure out this lotion just yet. :lol:

Any help is appreciated for this little newbie!
Bear in mind that this is my opinion and not gospel :)

To me that recipe looks very 'oily', of course it depends on what kind of texture of the end result you are aiming for. If you are wanting a soft cream-like product then I hear that cornstarch helps to cut the oiliness. My experience is in the 'solid' butters area where I have struggled with the oily question. My best solid butter sticks so far have very very little or no oil at all. Mine are a combination of harder and softer butters such as Shea, Hempseed, Cocoa, and Painya. If I want use an oil I tend to go for a little Jojoba or Squalane but balance these with a pinch and I mean a PINCH of beeswax.

I still haven't nailed down what is a lotion and what is a body butter :?
I don't use any water in my 'butters'.

The recipe above is my whipped body butter recipe. Melt it all together & whip it in an ice bath for about 10 minutes & you will have a solid body butter.
Thanks guys! I'm actually aiming for something more creamy for this recipe here, so maybe I'll add some cornstarch to the mix. Would that be okay to add to what I've already got made? I just have a little test batch (2.5 oz) made, so how much starch should I add?

I'll have to try out the ice bowl with my next batch and see what happens with that! Sounds a lot better than just sticking it in the fridge, you can't whip your recipes in there! :lol:
lotion or body butter

I can tell you that body butters don't have any water in them and lotions do. that is the main difference. if you dont use water you can go without a preservative is the general idea.