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Jul 2, 2022
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North Carolina
Hello everyone!
My question is this: How can I make my body butter creamy like shown in the picture. The yellow one is someone else's body butter and the white one is mine. The yellow one is very creamy and does not immediately melt and run like mine does. I have tweaked my recipe several time and I'm getting closer but I'm feeling like there is something missing that I just may know about as I am new to the body butter space. To add, I have confirmed that their body butter is anhydrous. Thank you.
Hi @chrismorgan007,

From the looks of it, I would guess you used too much liquid oil, or you used water and not enough fatty thickener/emulsifier. But to figure out the real reason yours is so runny, and then help you thicken it up, we need to know your recipe, including all ingredients and additives.

For instance, if your recipe includes water, or a fatty thickener like stearic acid, the fix is going to be different than if you made an anhydrous product with just oils and butters. :)
Thank you everyone for your responses. I think my patience got the best of me. On the second day I left it to set, miraculously it is almost perfectly the texture I want. It was the Cetyl alcohol and the beeswax that I needed to adjust.

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