Birmingham, AL - anybody want something from MMS?


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Aug 1, 2013
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Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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I got permission from the mods to do this. (Thanks mods!)

I'm going to be placing an order with Majestic Mountain sage at 12:30 pm central time today. I know this is short notice, I just noticed they are having a flash sale ending today! BTW, the famous Green Tea FO is part of the flash sale! So if you are in the Birmingham, AL area and want to piggyback on my order, just PM me. We can meet up after the order arrives to exchange cash for goods. I will be tacking on a bit extra to cover shipping, probably $1 or less unless you order a lot of stuff.
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Apr 17, 2014
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New England
Oh crap. I just checked, and I'm 938 miles from Birmingham. I love the Green Tea, but not quite that much. If you're getting some, take a big sniff for me, and thanks for the offer.