Benzalkonium Chloride based hand sanitizer/cleanser?

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Jan 3, 2016
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I usually go to Elements Bath and Body but it seems she’s changed her shipping to FedEx which is a might too expensive (it might just be for the one product I need but it’s kinda relevant). BB doesn’t seem to have hand sanitizer base, Essentials by Catalina doesn’t have an appropriate size for what I need (16-30oz, I dont sell), WSP has an EO based sanitizer and a foaming “cleanser”.

The foaming hand cleanser uses benzalkonium chloride with the comment in the question section: “We do not state that this product is a hand sanitizer. The ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride, is considered an antibacterial agent, but is not alcohol based. This product may help with germs, but we have no specific information on this.”

This seems to counteract the purpose of purchasing the product. Wikipedia got to sciency for me but it got the feeling that benzalkonium chloride is more of a preservative. Through forum discussions I have the general idea that preservatives make an environment uninhabitable to germs rather than killing the bacteria that are already there.

Can somebody please help me figure out a simple yes/no, is this product suitable for use as a hand sanitizer I keep in my purse?

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