Bentonite Clay!!! The cheap way!!! This is mostly for the Kiwis <3

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Draugr Rekkr

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May 21, 2019
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New Zealand
Hi all it's me again. The one obsessed with shaving. Well something that you hear about, in some shaving soaps, and some soaps in general, is this magic pixie dust called bentonite clay and, well first of all it's not magic and ingesting it in anyway will not help you fly and/or cure all your toxins. That's marketing flagellation to make you ignore the fact that it's just another type of dirt that animals have probably used at some point in there life as a toilet or foot path. Another thing that it's used for is construction to help make walls with and even to help drill big holes in the ground. I happen to work in that industry and my boss has told me that I may take some of the 20kg bags of bentonite clay home if I want so I'm going to do just that and use it to make soap. I don't use it for my main shaving soap but I do for my shaving soap for disposable razor users I also think that it will work really well in body wash too. I know you are probably thinking "WHAT ARE YOU DOING"!!! "THAT'S NOT COSMETIC GRADE"!!! Normally I would agree but the thing is bentonite clay (At lest here in New Zealand) is unregulated so we don't know what qualifies as "Cosmetic grade". What we do know is that the same people that are calling it "Cosmetic grade" bentonite clay are also the ones trying to sell it to us.. I will guess that what they call "Cosmetic grade" is really just sterilized by A; boiling it in water, which if that's the case makes it easy but, a little messy or, B; cooked on a tray at tempraturs grater than 100science/100°C. This means we can make it ourselfs as long as we do it right! So I'm going to be working with bentonite for a bit now. Let's see where this takes me!! :D

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