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Feb 28, 2021
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O,K feel free to correct me , I wanted to try bentonite and a ball clay called black charm in a soap formula. i used 450g olive oil 50g of coconut oil, 65.62 Naoh 5% ball clay and 5g of bentonite, I had to thin the bentoniteand let the black sand in it settle out and poor off the fines, and then boiled it down to a thick paste. i just whetted the ball clay with enough water to make a thick past as well my water ratio was 1.4 to 1 lye mixed the oil and lye 1st and then added the clays and mixed and let sit in the crock pot for 10 minutes. and it got almost to stiff to mix so i mixed it as i could and put into mold . and i cut it into parts this moring. looks like the bentonite is inhibiting it from drying and on the edges is crumbly , but maybe it needs a bit more time . i took a small amount of it and washed. my hand with it and its about 5 times more slippery than the other soap i made, does not burn my hand but its going to sit for a good wile , already i think less bentonite. and i did a 3.5% super fat, by -3.5% from 70 g lye


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Todd Ziegler

Circle Z soaps
Sep 10, 2018
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Tipton IN
That looks like a partial gell. Your soap got hot in the middle and not on the sides and that can cause the very condition that you have. The clay could have played a part but I don't really know.

I force my soap through the gell phase by wrapping up the mold in heating pads and towels in order to get the soap to gell completely. It helps the soap harden faster in the mold and makes the colors brighter.

Maybe someone with more experience in clay will chime in.