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Dahlia Dahab

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Oct 6, 2021
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Hey everyone,
I'm new to making candles, so please bare with me..
I have rolled heaps of beeswax and made a few thick pillars, then painted the top of the candles to enhance the look with more beeswax adding pigment to really bring it out, I'm looking for metallic and vibrant colours.
So I did this with mica and after lots of hard work and long hours, I realised that wasn't a great idea and the wick got clogged, so I now have to cut the tops off and redo with a different enhancer, what would you recommend? so lots of people say liquids, chips or other forms that pigment comes in to make this possible. I'm also hearing a lot of 'practice practice' yet I don't know where to go from here. I have such a unique idea of what I wanna create and its brewing for so long and I'm ready to execute and get this on a better road.
I hope that is sufficient amount of information to get some light on this situation.
Much love from The Blue Mountains, Australia
Dahlia Dahab